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Mission Statement:
To provide the best in boarding, training and grooming for our clients at a very affordable price! We want to create an experience that the dog and the owner will enjoy and benefit by everyday!


Ted Smith – 70 years old in 2023

Started Freestone Kennels in 1976 endorsed by three professional trainers and accepted into P.R.T.A. in 1978. P.R.T.A. ( Professional Retriever Trainers Association)

Trained and competed retrievers in licensed field trials – in U.S. and Canada.

Since 1976 Ted Has:

  • Trained and Competed with Retrievers.
  • Worked with clients and their gun dogs.
  • Pointers / setters/ spainiels / retrievers
  • Trained blood trailing deer recovery dogs.
  • Horn / Antler finding dogs.
  • Trained guard / attack / tracking dogs.
  • Problem solving / behavioral issues
  • Works with rescue groups.
  • Built a beautiful Boarding / Grooming / Training Facility.
  • No fancy titles besides professional trainer just a lot of common sense and hands on experience.

47 years of hands on experience in:

  • Georgia – War Path Kennels
  • California – Hill Top Kennels
  • Michigan – Freestone – est. 1976

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